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THE TRUMP TEST (2020 Archive)

============== NOTE ==============

This web page had evolving content for some years prior to the 2020 U.S. national elections. Since links to the page were disseminated online, the original page content is now kept here as a static archival snapshot of the support it offered to the pro-liberty MAGA efforts and Republican campaigns during that period. Minor edits were done in this snapshot to add this update Note, to remove links that no longer work, and to improve readibility on small Smartphone screens.

At the writing of this update Note in 1H 2022, the issues exposed and opposed below are still highly applicable to the on-going predicament that resulted from the rigged 2020 presidential election. Thus under the Biden regime run by fanatic radical Socialists we are now witnessing their frantic efforts to "fundamentally transform" our nation by using their fakenews and free-speech-suppressing fakesocial media accomplices to continue propagandizing the scam pretexts (described below) in order to inject huge doses of toxic fascism/socialism (as scam payloads) into our major institutions. Unless a substantial portion of the duped populace wakes up by the 2022 mid-term elections and votes the extremely toxic Democrats out of power, we'll continue to witness the ever-accelerating destruction of America.

As covered in the SwampCreatures section below, the most egregious corruption perpetrated against Trump before and during his first Presidential term was the "Russia Collusian" hoaxes followed by the unfounded Impeachment travesties. The most eggregious character of that corruption has been a consistent pattern of abuse of power that was perpetrated under Obama when the power of federal agencies were coercively deployed against political opponents. Such corruption continued (in the "swamp") to actively sabotage the Trump presidency in what essentially amounted to an attempted coup. That corruption at the highest levels of our federal government is clearly exposed in the following Documentary: "The Plot Against the President". That shocking documentary is based largely on investigative journalist Lee Smith's book by that same title. Preview or buy that book here:

(Book) The Plot Against the President

The documentary exposes the truth about the attempted coup against the Trump presidency and, regardless of Donald Trump's non-politician management style, that truth should be deeply shocking and frightening to any reasonable U.S. citizen who still believes that our system protects us from descent into a bureaucratic totalitarianism wherein the immense power of the government is coercively and criminally deployed to oppose all political opposition.

Short video on "The Plot Against the President" documentary:

(FoxNews) The Plot Against the President

Trailer for the documentary:


You can rent-or-buy to stream the 1 hr 31 min documentary video here:

(Documentary) The Plot Against the President

Investigative journalist Lee Smith has written a followup to his "The Plot Against the President" which covers the wider breadth of the radical Socialist corruption that is still on-going as it poisons our culture and politics. Lee Smith brings the same incisive reporting and commentary that distinguished his runaway bestseller, "The Plot Against the President". His investigation, identifying crimes and abuses committed by senior US officials, was later confirmed by a major Department of Justice report. Buy "The Permanent Coup" here:

(Book) The Permanent Coup

Donald Trump has rightly said that the 2020 presidential "election" was rigged. For details on how the election was rigged download Peter Navarro's official analysis, "The Navarro Report", here:


For more context on those specific details (from a Trump Whitehouse team insider) see chapters 18-21 of Peter Navarro's recent book "In Trump Time". Buy it here:

(Book) In Trump Time

For additional corroborating exposure of the context of those details (with a special focus on the corrupting role of Big Tech billionaire oligarchs), preview/buy investigative journalist Mollie Hemingway's recent book, "RIGGED: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections", here:

(Book) RIGGED by Molly Hemingway

Here are two short videos on Mollie Hemingway's exposure of the fanatically radical Socialist Democrat corruption of our election process:



And here is the Epoch Times investigative team of journalists who dug into the circumstantial evidence indicating orchestrated election fraud perpetrated in the swing states during the final hours of the 2020 presidential election.

(Epoch Times) Who Is Stealing America

More recently since the 2021 publication of "Rigged", an astonishly shocking documentary was released in 2022 by Dinesh D'Souza (working with the independent forensic investigative team, True The Vote). That documentary exposes beyond any reasonable doubt the massive criminal corrupton of the election perpetrated (in critical "swing" states) using illegal ballot trafficing. Using scientific methods, True The Vote's investigation makes the extremely compelling case that a targeted execution of organized crime was financed by Billionaire oligarchs and was sufficient to rig the election for Biden. This exposure of the rigged election is currently being suppressed by the Fake News and censored by the Fake Social media.

Here is a link to the trailer and the full documentary titled "2000 Mules":


As covered in the Lee Smith investigations cited above and in the MediaScam section below, for many tens of millions of Americans the information they get from legacy media newspapers and "Big Tech" social media is not "news"--it's contrived propaganda content (ie, a Fake News concoction of distortions, misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, omission bias, and outright lies) designed to cover up corruption and to help one political party while attacking its opponents.



==== The 2020 Archival Snapshot Follows ====


Donald Trump, a non-politician billionaire businessman shocked the world by landing the office of President of the USA and conducting his presidency in a radically different style of brainstorming directly with the citizens. Being used to leadership in a free-wheeling style of business management and coming from acting in a TV series where he's famous for his dramatic catch phrase: "You're Fired", he promises to lead his team to "drain the swamp" of our bloated Federal bureaucracy, radically reduce federal regulations, enforce existing law to protect our national sovereignty at the borders, direct our unfettered military to eradicate Islamic terrorism, reject the fascism of climatescam, reverse the fascism of Obamacare, return jobs to our nation, and put our international trade deals on a better basis of reciprocal trade policy. Virtually living the story of an honest politician as portrayed in the movie, "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington", with unflinching action on those promises he triggered a cesspool of self-protecting criminal corruption at the highest levels of our government, media, and cultural institutions. In a fanatic anti-Trump malignancy of corruption starting within the Obama administration, the swamp creatures--Democrats and their establishment media accomplices--have exposed their full, corrupt nature to the view of anyone now willing to look below the surface of their lies, smears, distortions, propaganda, cover-ups, and self-perpetuating abuses of power.

As led by Trump, the new and growing contingent of more pro-liberty Republicans are not on board with the explicitly announced and violently demanded Democrat agenda to "fundamentally transform" the American system in a radically more Socialist direction. The very fact that the Democrats could field an explicitly Socialist candidate for President (Bernie Sanders with a history of communist advocacy) should be immensely shocking to all Americans. Given the demonstrated toxic history of Socialism, such a clear indication of political direction should be met with the same universal rejection that an explicitly Fascist Neo-Nazi candidate would receive. Yet, the Socialist direction is now the Democrat direction backed by hate-spewing violence in the streets. Knowing that there is still a strong sentiment for Liberty among decent Americans, in this election the Democrats may attempt to once again soften their image. Don't be fooled. This particular election will stand as one of the pivotal ones for the rest of our lives. And the personality of Donald Trump is not the fulcrum of our choice. The fulcrum is the mandate for a direction toward extreme Socialism that the Democrats are demanding. The dominant Fake News media has been commandeered and we have been fed a continuous diet of propaganda in the service of that mandate. Don't fall for the con.

The Republicans are politicians, of course. They inherit a dysfunctional self-perpetuating swamp and carry the baggage of having too often acquiesced to the Socialist ratchet in the previous eras of faulty governance. Too many went along to get along. Trump rocked the Republican establishment and unified his party with a healthy, new more pro-liberty energy. The Republican establishment was faced with "The Trump Test" and, at least for now, is supporting this different kind of leader as he drives a policy direction which is far better than that of the Democrats.

Likewise, the nation at large has been presented with "The Trump Test"--a test of whether reasonable citizens can objectively judge, not just a brash personality and his unorthodox management style, but more importantly the unique set of his team's policies that on net balance have been, and should continue to be, good for our nation. In each of the major dimensions of the advancement toward Socialism demanded by the Radical Socialist Democrats the Trump team has met them with a firm stance of exposing and opposing their toxic nature and promoted a healthier, more civil, and more pro-liberty course. That's why he and the team he manages deserves re-election and why Republicans in general--far more than the proven-corrupt Democrats--deserve our trust as custodians of our government and our liberty.

In the future we will be able to ask each other: "Did you pass the Trump Test?"

While demanding the confiscation of tools that law-abiding citizens can use for self protection, the Radical Socialist Democrats have acted to deny law-abiding citizens police protection by fomenting murderous violence against local police and calling for the defunding of local police. The Radical Socialist Democrats are demanding that we allow them to "fundamentally transform" our governmental system in the direction of radical Socialism. In that context, here is one important fact:

Socialism is the single most toxic thing
that the human race has ever encountered

The body of evidence for that toxicity IS bodies: 100+ million dead in the last 100 years. For details of the research that revealed that extreme level of toxicity, see two independent works:

(Book) Death By Government by R. J. Rummel

The massive death counts are largely corroborated by independent research here:

(Book) The Black Book of Communism by Stephane Courtois, et al

The Radical Socialist Democrats assure us of their good intentions--the same utopian good intentions that murdered millions in the past. Despite over 100 years of horrendous failures of Socialism they assure us that they can be trusted to safely administer extreme new doses of the single most toxic thing that humanity has ever encountered. The Radical Socialist Democrats loudly demand that we turn the machinery of our government over to them--the constitutionally constrained machinery that they corrupted under Obama and have recently corrupted again in their plot against Donald Trump. For details on why the new Radical Socialist Democrats should never be trusted with the machinery of our government here is the exposure of their monumental level of corruption--corrupton that dwarfs the Watergate scandal--in a sequence of two works by highly-respected investigative journalist, Gregg Jarrett:

(Book) The Russia Hoax by Gregg Jarrett

(Book) Witch Hunt by Gregg Jarrett

As those works so clearly show, the Trump Presidency has triggered swamp creatures to rise out of their swamp of corruption. Here is how the wonderful Candace Owens expresses it:

"As with any chemical reaction, even if you achieve the desired results, you are often left with an undesirable by-product. In Trump's case, the first by-product was the clear-crystallization of the leftist agenda: the false pretense that racism, xenophobia, misogny, or homophobia were anything more than catchphrases used to insult and denigrate conservatives, while holding hostage black Americans and other minority groups. The second by-product was the total transformation of the mainstream media into leftist puppets and masters of psychological and emotional manipulation. And the third, thoroughly unsurprising, by-product has been the Democrat response to Trump's presidency. Like all rulers of the past whose authority was challenged, the Left has sought to delegitimize the election of the president by any means possible." [...]

"The real issues facing our community will be answered, and we will see the beauty and richness of our future. In President Trump we have the beginning. The gates of the liberal castle are under attack; we must now batter them down and storm the fortress of the liberal order.

Join the ideological battle now.

Let us turn the lights off in the liberal establishments of Ameirca as we shut the door behind us.

Let us make this blackout a reality."[1]


The remainder of this web page goes deeper into the evidence for why genuine Pro-Liberty[2] Americans should join the Trump Republican revolution and thoroughly reject the toxic agenda of the Radical Socialist Democrats.


As you encounter the flood of propaganda during the 2020 U.S. National elections this web page is full of resources you can use. There are web links to truthful sources from world-class scientists and experts in their fields. Use these sources to educate yourself, to educate your friends, and as ammunition against the flood of scams and false narratives pumped by the Radical Socialist Democrats. The links to the many sources are provided in raw URL form so that you can separately lift them as text from this page in your browser. In most browsers running on a MS-Windows desktop/laptop computer, hover your mouse-pointer over the link, right-click to get a pop-up menu, and choose "Copy Link" to capture the link onto the clipboard. From that point you can paste that link into text that you are editing.

Here is a catalog of links that jump directly into this web page cued to one of the major topic areas.

At this writing, if you want to actively promote the Trump/Republican campaigns see the following web page.


Or especially in the context of this web page, become a "digital activist" at the following link--do it now!

Join the Army For Trump


Let's look at the naked nature that the new Democrat Party has prominently exhibited over the last several years. We will refer to these swamp creatures using the dominant political ideology that is now driving their leadership. They are "Radical Socialist Democrats". Based on the evidence in this document you will see why that designation is so appropriate. That term covers the Democrat Party as the political leading edge of a movement that includes the many accomplices that bolster the movement. A term synonomous with The Radical Socialist Democrats is "The Radical Socialist Left". The Democrat party can serve as the face of that wider cultural movement because what was once a noble and civil political party has been commandeered by radical ideologues committed to that movement. The underlying phlosophy of those ideologues is a stealth Marxism repackaged within Postmodernism. Consistent with the class-warfare axiom of Postmodernism, the political philosophy of that movement is Radical Socialism achieved through a "revolution" that "fundamentally transforms" the American system of governance. Like most Socialist revolutions violence and terror are the means to the ultimate end of political tyranny. We have now seen such violent, murderous riots in the hearts of major cities with declarations of war from the zeolots.

As a once civil participant in the careful refinement of our inherited system of the American Constitutional Republic the Democrat Party has now been transformed by those ideologue zeolots into a Party of mean-spirited haters, fomenters of violent street riots, fomenters of increased murder rates in major cities, corruptors of our constitutional federal government, and pushers of Radical Socialism. This 2020 National election is about this new Democrat movement that seeks to impose highly toxic levels of Socialism onto the nation using the pretext of many false narratives. Those false narratives are scams and this document is a tour that exposes the major ones.

Over the last several years, the Democrat zeolots have shown their true colors as Radicals hell-bent on an extreme Socialist future for America. These new Democrat idealogues have called for intimidation and fomented violence in the streets which continues to foment murderous riots across the nation:


Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi has announced that people will be hurt as "collateral damage" in the Democrat march to power:


The Democrat fomenting has led to unsuppressed rioting in Democrat-controlled cities where politically-motivated murders have occurred. Like this one:


While demanding the confiscation of tools that law-abiding citizens can use for self protection, the Radical Socialist Democrats have acted to deny law-abiding citizens police protection by fomenting murderous violence against local police and calling for the defunding of local police. Here one of the fomented riots attempted to seal police in their precinct building before burning them alive in it:

(News) Rioters Attemp Mass Murder of Police

These new more toxic Democrats have shown that they are willing to foment the violent destruction of private businesses thus ruining the lives of those business owners, foment the killing of police, foment the burning down of public buildings, foment the destruction of monuments, and foment increases in murder rates in cities. Democrat-controlled cities intentionally did not suppress violent rioting.

As part of that fomented civil mayhem of violence and intimidation, voices opposing the Radical Socialist Democrat agenda are attacked. Here is a list of such violent "hate" crimes. Of course it lacks details of the recent flood of violence--including murders--within the fomented major city riots.

(Link) Left Wing Political Violence in America

This is the naked nature they have shown throughout the last several years. Despite how they may try to dress up their candidates for elections, these are not your mother's friendly Democrats. Those previous "liberal", liberty-oriented, civil Democrats have left the building and in their place we now have fanatic idealogues demanding ever more tyrannical control over your life, spitting hateful venum, and fomenting violent riots to get it:


Why not trust this new brand of Democrats with the machinery of the federal government? This web page is full of the reasons not to. Most prominent of those reasons is the Radical Socialist Democrat plot against Donald Trump. The full, egregious nature of that plot has now been exposed by a flood of shocking works by highly respected independent investigative journalists. Perhaps the best exposures are in the works of investigative journalists Kimberley Strassel and Gregg Jarrett.

In her "Resistance At All Costs" Kimberley Strassel, one of few honest remaining journalists, dug deep into the real damage to our ongoing institutions that the Democrats (and their Obamanation) have done--something that their Deep State swamp creature holdovers continue to do. Both Strassel and Jarrett expose how the new radical Socialist brand of Democrats are willing to corrupt and weaponize the full force and power of the federal government against their political opponents. Democrats did this under Obama using the IRS against political opponents. They initiated this same kind of corruption again under Obama (in league with Clinton) and aggressively continued against Trump to subvert the election process and to sabotage the normal activites of a duly-elected President. The level of corruption dwarfs the infamous Watergate scandal. Because of those actions and their explicit allegiance to radical Socialism, Democrats are no longer to be trusted with government power. Because of party-line conformity, they should all be kicked out of office.

Here is Kimberley Strassel in a summary video of her book "Resistance At All Costs":


Buy her book of first-rate investigative journalism, "Resistance At All Costs", here:

(Book) Resistance At All Costs by Kimberley Strassel

The following video is cued to the last 10 minutes covering Kimberley's expose and oppose of the "Swamp" and the truth about the Trump team's actual reduction of some of the swamp--something that alone, by pro-liberty standards--should earn the Trump presidency as being one of the best in decades.


Here is Kimberley Strassel on the Trump team's efforts to drain the swamp (quoted from that video for the record in this text):

"Now President Trump's way of summing this up in a kind of Twitter-like sentence is 'We need to drain the swamp'. Which is a good overarching theory. But we actually have a lot of people around him and in Congress and in outside watchdog groups and in grassroots organizations that have been thinking far more deeply about how you actually go about doing that. And we're starting to get some realy good proposals. I think the quickest way you can do it--the problem is it's not long-term. The quickest way is that you get leaders into the white house and around the President in the Whitehouse and in these departments that are absolutely determined to give the swamp less to work with and to reset the rules of the road. Because, by the way, the best way you can cut down on this is to have fewer regulations--have fewer things that they can cause mischief with. And on this specific question--with just a few exceptions--I give the Trump administration not just an A but an A plus, plus, plus, plus. They have been amazing. We are currently witnessing the greatest era of de-regulation ever. Ok? And I don't make that comparison to Reagan or anyone else. It's ever. And part of that is because the Trump administration had a great amount to work with when it came into office, given its predecessors. But you may remember in his first State Of The Union, the President promised that he would eliminate two regulations for any new one that was created. By the latest statistics which I just got from the OMB before I showed up here, that ratio currently stands at 22 eliminated to one. They have already got rid of 68 major regulations which is no small feat and they have a list of 450 that are on the block in the coming year."

This is just one example of many, many major Pro-Liberty actions that the Trump team has executed. They are actions toward smaller federal government that are unprecidented in over decades. There is no excuse for Pro-Liberty folks--especialy so-called "Libertarians"--to be ignorant of this current political reality, let alone not to be factoring it into their approach to the 2020 elections. Anything less is operating on monumental ignorance. And this Trump team reality is simply NOT being accurately and prominently reported in the Fake News media.

In that one single dimension of deregulation, Trump delivered on his promise to engage an effort to "drain the swamp" and reduce federal regulations. Seeing that threat in conjunction with the many similar actions, the swamp and its dominant contingent of Radical Socialist Democrats (with the full support of their puppets in the Fake News media) went into hysterical efforts of corruption--covert and overt--to take down Trump. At this writing, out of six independant but corroborating accounts specifically documenting the corruption in the plot against Donald Trump perhaps the best to recommend for details is Gregg Jarrett's two book sequence: "The Russia Hoax" and "Witch Hunt".

(Book) The Russia Hoax by Gregg Jarrett

(Book) Witch Hunt by Gregg Jarrett

Are the new Democrats really all that bad? Usually a group that has a crack-pot fringe contingent is not wholly convicted on the evidence of their outlier loonies. But, as you've seen, the prominent actions of Democrat leadership over the last several years has revealed that a corrupt group of violence fomenting, fanatic ideologues are driving the overall agenda however much they try to hide its true nature and however much their party rank-and-file comprehend it. Fueled by Postmodernist/Marxist ideology and financed by misguided Billionaires, we probably have not seen Democrats at their worst yet. We've seen that, behind the facade of normal-looking politicians in suits, is an ideology that is fundamentally toxic to the benevolent civility and the constitutional operation of our nation. Knowing that the awareness of their venum-spitting, violence-fomenting behavior may be seen by voters as a liability, they will push a mealy-mouthed mediocrity out on to the stage as a puppet to soften their image in order to secure the election after which they would resume their ravenous corruption to "fundamentally transform" our Constitutional Republic toward extreme socialism.

Despite the obsession in the Fake News media, the unique personality of Donald Trump has little to do with the essence of what is going on. Beneath all the smokescreen of Trump-personality-fixation is the inflated scam pretexts for an extreme Socialist power grab and the naked machinery of political policy to achieve it. Under the--now explicitly Socialist--banner of "fundamentally transforming" our nation, Democrats demand to systematically ratchet that machinery with ravenous lust in a radical Socialist direction using numerous scam pretexts. As a measure of how far the national perspective has been warped, in a nation that would react with universal horror even the slightest prospect of Fascist Neo-Nazis taking power, the prospect of Rabid Socialists taking power elicits widespread acquiescence. Trump has spoken out against Radical Socialism and has jolted that acquiescence.


A major agent of that numbed state of acquiescence is the Fake News media. The intricate corruption that Democrats are so desparate to weave into the fabric of the federal government has had a major accomplice in the institution of what is now so rightfully called the Fake News media. In this tour of the major scams that are operating to warp the political direction of the nation we will dig deeper into the Fake News media propaganda factory--the immense scam of their "objective" journalism.

In short, they have power over your thinking that you may not fully realize:

Example: Freedom of speech is "extremely dangerous to our democracy":


Example: "Peaceful Protesters":

(Twitter) Peaceful Protesters

Example: "Urgency":


Aside from the mono-message content itself, the thing that should disturb you most about those examples is the evident power of those Fake News mega-corporate bull horns to orchestrate a nation wide pumping of any mono-message whatsoever. There is nothing new about political party lines being advertised. But if you do not think it's possible that people--an entire culture--could, after having been constantly conditioned by a mono-message narrative in wave after of wave of propaganda, be duped into a world of Orwellian stupor, think again. In that first video example you get a glimpse of that Orwellian world. That first video is like a litmus test of mind control. If you don't instantly "get it", it's a sign you may have already been absorbed into the borg.

But here is a deconstruction to aid escapees who might still harbor a lingering notion of freedom. In the very process of warning of alternative media sources that might be "controlling exactly what people think" using "one-sided news stories", that little gem of a video shows the utter hypocracy of the Fake News media as they pump one single unified message to uniformly control "exactly what people think". They themselves exhibit the very malady they are warning against. In hundreds of documented cases the Fake News media has pumped out biased news stories full of smears and lies. Masquerading as trust-worthy media sources, many of them still do "check the facts first" and then, in accordance with the Socialist Democrat agenda, intentionally omit or distort those facts. Welcome to 1984.

Of course, that video's mono-message propaganda is orchestrated against the free speech in alternative media that would expose the lies and smears in the Fake News media. Under a guise of being against lies in alternative media, they themselves are massive purveyors of lies. Executing according to the Alinski Rules for Radicals, the Fake News media distracts attention from their own evil with a noisy accusation of that same evil in an opposition target. If their power to perform such tactics--seen right before your eyes in that video--doesn't deeply concern you then you need to get "woke" in the pro-liberty sense because your nation is under attack by forces that are hell-bent on "fundamentally transforming" your liberty right out from under you. They're using artificially pumped up pretexts (in this document: Mediascam, Racescam, Dreamerscam, Climatescam, Socialscam, etc) to cram new doses of extreme Socialism down your throat while you nod in a comfy stupor of propaganda acceptance.

As an object lesson, look at a poster boy for our modern Fake News media: The New York Times journalist, Walter Duranty. Here's a quote from Mark Levin's "Unfreedom of the Press" about Duranty:

"The Times longtime Russia correspondent was unquestionably a longtime favorite mouthpiece for the brutal Soviet regime, about which he wrote in the pages of the Times for a dozen years, and for which he was rewarded by Stalin."

Regarding Duranty, Levin continues, quoting Douglas McCollam (Dec 2003, Columbia Journalism Review):

"in Moscow, Duranty was known as 'the dean of foreign correspondents', and was renowned for his lavish hospitality. In an austere city, he enjoyed generous living quarters and food rations, as well as the use of assistants, a chauffeur, and a cook/secretary/mistress name Katya, who bore him a son named Michael. Duranty, who had a wooden left leg caused by a train accident, was driven through the streets in a giant Buick outfitted with a Klaxon horn used by the Soviet secret police. His competitors gossiped that these perks were allowed because of his cozy relationship with the Soviet government. Eugene Lyons, a United Press correspondent, even suspected that Duranty might be on the Soviet payroll, but no evidence of that seems to exist. Still, many then and later wondered if the status Duranty enjoyed in Moscow led him to curtail his coverage of the Soviets. Malcolm Muggeridge...would later call Duranty 'the greatest liar of any journalist I have met in fifty years of journalism.' Joseph Alsop would tab him a 'fashionable prostitute', in the service of Communists...".[3]

Whether you fixate or not on Trump's personality and it's very different management style of brainstorming directly with citizens, the real issues are beneath all such noise. Two different studies (the Pew and the Harvard Shorenstein) confirm that hard-news reporting by the major media--to an unprecedented degree in US history--have been and continue to be overwhelmingly biased toward serving the Radical Socialist Democrat agenda. For details on those studies and the wider systemic corruption in the major media see Mark Levin's "Unfreedom of the Press". Buy it here:

(Book) Unfreedom of the Press by Mark R. Levin

For an astonishing dramatization revealing the real hero in the story of Walter Duranty's monumental evil, there is an outstanding recent movie for you to watch. Its real-life hero is a genuine independent investigative journalist who ultimately gave his life trying to find and expose the Truth of Socialism's promised paradise on earth. His name was Gareth Jones. To the eternal shame of both the New York Times and the Pulitzer Prize bafoons, the unfathomably heroic courage of Gareth Jones is virtually unknown while one of the most evil journalists in history is still on record as a deserving Pulitzer prize winner. If anything can give you a clue about the ethical trustworthiness in the current crowd of Fake News political puppets, this movie is it. Don't expect many more movies like "Mr Jones" from today's Socialist-dominated Hollywood. Buy the movie here (For USA buyers, make sure you order the Region 1 version playable in the USA):

(Movie/DVD) Mr. Jones

As that movie reveals, for minor perks, fame, food pellets, and heroin-soaked prostitute parties, Duranty aided the murder of millions of innocent lives in Russia by intentionally lying to the Western World in the service of Stalin's Socialism. There is a stunning phrase describing such monumental sellouts made by a similar villian in the purely fictional movie about the cold war, "Atomic Blonde". Look for the phrase "satan's little helpers" in the climax of the movie. Buy that recent amazing movie here:

(Movie/DVD) Atomic Blonde with Charlize Theron

There are many weapons that the Radical Socialist Democrats deploy through their "satans little helpers" in their Fake News media accomplices. Here is a short clip of Nanci Pelosi lovingly describing one of the Democrat's principal weapons. Following Nanci in that video is a breakdown of how this weapon works in the practice of a corrupt collusion between the Radical Socialist Democrats and their Fake News media puppets. Watch about 10 minutes here:


Here is Sharyl Attkisson in a talk on her investigation of corruption in the Fake News media:


Buy her brilliant work of investigative journalism here:

(Book) The Smear by Sharyl Attkisson

Sharyl is suing the federal government, alledging that under the corrupt Obama administration, she--as a mainstream investigative journalist--was spied upon by the federal government. More details on the lawsuit here:

(Link) Attkisson vs. DOJ & FBI

Here's Sharyl exposing 143 mistakes/smears (and counting) of the establishment Fake News media:

(Link) Media Mistakes in the Trump Era

Out of countless examples, here is one single exemplar of a Fake News defamation smear and the resulting law suits that are still possible until the Radical Socialist Democrats get enough power to close such avenues of justice:

The facts of the event: https://youtu.be/lSkpPaiUF8s

The resulting lawsuits: https://youtu.be/vRMohJWzuzw

One very important thing to note about Nanci's beloved smear tactic is that by the time the bulk of its intended damage is inflicted on its target (as manifest mostly in the impressionable minds of Fake News viewers) any later forced retraction has little corrective effect on the orignal intended damage. That's the lying, smearing game of the Radical Socialist Democrats wherein, according to their leadership, "collateral damage" is acceptable. At this writing, the $250 Million (WaPo) and $275 Million (CNN) Covington Smear lawsuits have been settled with others pending. Perhaps a list of who Sandman's attorney sent legal notice to might be considered a representative list of what Donald Trump has rightly characterized as the Fake News media. Excluding how their corruption can foment the hatred and harm of an innocent kid who just happened to be wearing a MAGA hat, for the countless similar lies and smears against Trump himself and his family, the most vigorous action Trump has rightly taken is to firmly, and justifiably call such perpetrators: FAKE NEWS.

As this case exemplifies, Fake News agencies have consistently failed their proper journalistic role by pumping agenda-driven smears and lies in the news areas of politics and policy. In order to cram an innocent high school kid into their propaganda narrative, these Fake News media ruthlessly pumped an orchestrated, nation-wide mono-message of hate against an innocent kid who was--including death threats to his family and home--"collateral damage" in the Radical Socialist Democrat march to maximum Socialism. Here is a partial list of the Fake News major pumpers of the Covington Smear in their ruthless quest to "cancel" Nicholas Sandmann:

The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NPR, The Atlantic Media, The Guardian

Here is Nicholas Sandmann stepping forward describing the nationwide hate campaign against him by the narrative-cramming Fake News media zeolots--their attempt to "cancel" him. Nicholas can show the decency of a young kid toward a media that should go through serious self-reflection and undergo major top-to-bottom reform.


But regardless of their views on Sandmann's right to promote the Pro-Life cause, adults who have seen the full measure of these "cancel" travesties in so many other dimensions can be considerably more angry. This Fake News contingent of the current major media deserves to completely die off in favor of new venues that can offer objective informative news. The fact that these major media would intentionally commit wave after wave of blatant agenda-driven smears like this in hard news reporting should be a clue as to their trustworthiness. Whether or not you find the current political situation to be a fiasco unworthy of much attention, the fact that outfits you may trust are intentionally and systematically bombarding you with lies should matter to you. Among civilized nations all journalism should be uniformly biased toward a passionate dedication to Truth if not Liberty. For very good reasons that's what real objectivity consists of.

As these corrupt Fake News agencies aid in the pumping of false narratives that foment violent riots and murders in the streets, the nation is tested to see them for what they are. The nation is tested to get past prejudicial Trump personality fixations and to evaluate the overall context of political policy and direction. In the case of the Trump team, the results across the policy spectrum have been strikingly positive--not that you would get any news of that in the Fake News media. That is the other major device that the Fake News media deploy in their relentless wave after wave of smears and lies: Omission Bias. They intentionally omit context and relevant facts that would expose the false narrative that they are cramming the world into. In the context of the advance of world international Socialism supported by one of the most vicious campaigns in US history of smears, lies, distortions, and propaganda this 2020 election will stand as another pivotal one in cold-war history. Yes, we're still in the cold war. The seductive hold of Socialist Utopian ideology still poses a major threat to humanity because its ideologue zeolots now have control of the most powerful propaganda and indoctrination machinery in human history.

Of course Trump has been egotistical and rough around the edges. To become a billionaire arising in the international real estate domain, especially in Manhatten where corrupt mob-controlled unions thrive, he had to be a tough customer. He's committed no criminal offenses while in office--quite the contrary. The personality of Trump is mostly irrelevant to the larger issues we are facing in the context of policy and what's actually been going on at the highest levels of our government and media mega corporations. In any case, the recent history of Democrat corruption has been documented extensively by a whole flood of recent books that are cited above. See especially the exposure of the criminal corruption of Deep State Democrat operatives in their plot to subvert the election process and to sabotage a duly-elected President under the Swamp Creatures section of this document.

Trump has been the target of probably the most vicious and relentless Fake News media campaign of lies and defamation smears in U.S. history. Here are several references for those who might doubt either the fact that such a travesty occurred or doubt the extent to which such lies have been debunked.

Mark Dice's "The True Story of Fake News":

(Book) The True Story of Fake News by Mark Dice

Don Surber's "Fake News Follies of 2017":

(Book) Fake News Follies of 2017 by Don Surber

Bozell and Graham's "Unmasked, Big Media's War Against Trump":

(Book) Unmasked by Bozell and Graham

For a thorough debunking of the major smears with a refreshing touch of humor see:

(Book) The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and you!) by Kurt Schlichter

If you are still mostly trusting the dominant Fake News media in its coverage of politics, then you're extremely ill-informed. The Fake News fixation on the personality of Trump is mostly irrelevant to the policies that the team he manages actually promoted and carried out. On net balance those policies are, to an extent considerably more than recent Republican administrations, pro-liberty and were achieved against massive sabotage by the Democrats and Obama hold overs in the Deep State. As time goes on many of those Democrat and Deep State actions, having been criminal if not treasonous, will hopefully be prosecuted if the Democrats do not gain full control of the nation. That's covered in Kimberley Strassel's book among others. The major Fake News media will NOT cover it's own perfidy as accomplice in those corruptions. Quite the opposite, they are similarly corrupt and have shown that they will double-down to continue smearing and lying to cover up that complicity while working every angle they possibly can to get rid of anyone who can expose them--including pro-liberty venues on the Internet (and other pro-liberty folks on social media).

The major issue in the 2020 National elections has little to do with the personality of Trump and everything to do with whether the nation will follow the new, radical Socialist direction being foisted on us by the Democrats and their accomplices in the Fake News, academic, and entertainment medias. And that also includes the so-called social media. As much as we might enjoy Google/Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, in the worst tradition of corrupt capitalism, under a masquerade of suppressing "hate speech" these mega-corporations are imposing the Socialist mono-agenda filter on their viewers. This attack on freedom of speech has crept up on us with the growth of the Internet social media mega corporations. About 60% of all media is controled by only 9 mega-corporations. Their abuse of free speech is not an issue of a private corporation doing what it is free to do. Here is how crapitalism (aka "chrony capitalism") can achieve de facto government-backed censorship:


Under the delusion of "speaking truth to power" the Fake News journalists have engaged in a relentless travesty of "speaking propaganda lies to power". We've now seen countless examples at Presidential press conferences where the hack Fake News journalists use wave after wave of loaded questions as weapons. Questions that exhibit such logical fallacies as the infamous "Do you still beat your wife?". Such blatently biased devices by people masquerading as journalists should have them immediately kicked out of the profession that they are polluting.

The Fake News media deserves to die off because of how egregious has been (and continues to be) the corruption that they have demonstrated. Alternatives are available for national news. Though relentlessly smeared by all the puppet accomplices of the Radical Socialist Democrats, PragerU offers a surprising number of short, accurate videos that offer a healthy perspective against the propaganda of the dominant Fake News media--most often featuring very credible experts. As is the case with many of the PragerU videos linked in this document, PragerU has had to move much of its content from their Youtube channel to their own website because major social media crapitalists (ie, Youtube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) have been actively suppressing free speech by blocking pro-liberty political content they, as accomplices aiding the Radical Socialist Democrat agenda, don't agree with. Here is the PragerU website:


There are many new alternative sources of news media arising on the Internet and even from the printing press. The Epoch Times covers national news from a more pro-liberty perspective both as a printed newspaper and online. See the Epoch Times here:

Promo & Introduction: https://youtu.be/NYnKAF8t20s

Description of Content and Subscribing: https://www.ReadEpoch.com

Home Page: https://www.theepochtimes.com/

For on-the-street reporting of Republican campaigns and events there is a fledgling broadcast network that has almost half a million Youtube subscribers. See the RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting Network) on the internet:

Web Home Page: https://rsbnetwork.com/

Until Youtube's agenda-driven thought police de-platform them as "hate speech", here is their Youtube channel:

RSBN Youtube Channel


Continuing the tour of the major Radical Socialist Democrat scam pretexts, let's look at the Racism scam.

Larry Elder has full command of the actual data on the whole racism issue which clearly reveals that the Black Lives Matter "peaceful" protests-that-lead-to-riots are fueled by the agenda shared with radical Democrats--an agenda having little to do with racism. It seems mainly about absolutely stopping actual government reform at the federal level which would reveal how horrendously the Democrat controlled major cities have harmed their black communities. The fomented violence in these riots seems more about getting rid of Trump and his team "by any means necessary". And of course those means involve fomenting the riots and using them to smear Trump as a racist.

Democrat-pushed welfare in the inner cities--most of which Democrats have governed for decades--has devastated the black family unit. The loss of black fathers in the household has caused a rise in crime because of the lack of fatherly guidance to young male teens. The statistics show that black-on-black crime is the major contribution to the rise. That has led to more confrontation between police and blacks. In all the recent riots and protests against racism, there is a conspicuous absence of talk about the political agendas of organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa which are exploiting ignorance of the facts in their incitement of riots. They repeatedly exploit outlier cases like the tragic death of George Floyd. The full context of the root issue remains obscured by a wholesale vilification of the police and the fanning of the flames of race polarization--a polarization that is currently in the vested interest of the Radical Socialist Democrats.

In the context of black lives, the importance of this coming election probably exceeds anything we've experienced since the 60's. Whether the black community will comprehend in time how they have been repeatedly exploited, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will be a tipping point for the rest of their lives.

Evidence from Larry Elder on "Black Fathers Matter" with a few minutes of facts regarding the plight of Balcks in the inner cities under failed Democrat-demanded policies:


Evidence from Larry Elder with detailed facts regarding "systemic" racism in America:


More evidence from Larry Elder debunking systemic and police racism (watch about 10 minutes):

(Link) https://youtu.be/vbhFubiFiqg

Here's the full interview on Larry's new movie:

(Link) https://youtu.be/vbhFubiFiqg

This movie is very worth seeing if you are genuinely concerned about the plight of blacks in America. Buy Larry Elder's movie "Uncle Tom" here:


A few minutes of factual evidence from Heather Mac Donald on the causal nexus of the inner-city crime and the increased need for basic policing:


The Radical Socialist Democrats campaign of fomenting violent intimidation contributed directly to the Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioting and looting that happened in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident. In the context of the George Floyd incident, here is a healthy reaction to the Black Lives Matter false narrative being pumped by the Radical Socialist Democrats and their accomplices in the Fake News media:

(PragerU) I Love America Too Much to Stay Silent

As a black person in the inner city, George Floyd's life was a black life that mattered and it is tragic if Floyd's arrest was botched. But arresting officers typically know gun-carrying violent offenders by their "rap sheets" and thus tend to treat them as a lethal threat. Painting Floyd as an innocent victim of Police racism, the Fake News media ignored the facts of the case and engaged in their usual narrative-cramming bias to fan the flames of violent riots nation wide:

"The journalists had refused to cover it, but Floyd himself had been a career criminal who terrorized the minority community with drugs and violence."

"...Worst of all, came his sentencing in 2009, for an unspeakable crime he committed in 2007. Floyd, accompanied by five other male companions, pretended to be from the Water Department and forced their way inside a woman's home, while a toddler was present. The victim testified that George Floyd pressed the barrel of a loaded gun to her abdoment, while another one of his friends whipped her in the side of the head with a pistol. The men proceeded to search and rob her house of jewelry and a cell phone, although they were apparently looking for drugs. George pled guilty to the charges and was released five years later in 2012." [4]

During the fomented riots in reaction to George Floyd's death another African-American man was killed outside the U.S. Courthouse in Oakland, California. Dave Patrick Underwood's death mattered, too. Underwood was a law enforcement officer who was standing guard when he was murdered. Oakland's police chief says the shooting was most likely an attack that deliberately targeted uniformed officers. Consistent with the Fake News media's fanatic campaigns of political-agenda-driven omission bias, the silence about Dave Underwood's tragic murder is deafening. Where are the loud protests against this senseless murder of a different black person?

A similar incident to the George Floyd incident was the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO after he attacked a police officer. This incident in 2014 set the paradigm of Fake News narrative-cramming which intentionally omitted highly relevant facts in order to foment nationwide riots involving violent hate groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Here is Larry Elder providing the facts regarding the incident and how the Fake News media and hate group accomplices exploited the incident for political agenda purposes--an agenda that actually worsens the plight of blacks in America:


Certainly, policing needs to aspire to a higher level of professionalism and, as is the case with many dimensions of government made pathological by Democrats, aspects of policing needs improvement. But the debate suffers a crucial omission bias by fixating exclusively on the police as the central focus for solution. By continuing to perpetrate this bias, The Radical Socialist Democrats through their Fake News media puppets continue to foment racial polarization thereby raising the risk of more tragedies like those of George Floyd and Dave Underwood.

Heather Mac Donald wrote the definitive, objective analysis of this issue in her "The War on Cops". Here is Heather in a summary video on the war on cops:

(Link) https://youtu.be/iT0gEbQUQt8

Buy Heather Mac Donald's "The War on Cops" here:

(Book) The War on Cops by Heather Mac Donald)

Since the fomenting of riots by the Radical Socialist Democrats and their insane calls for the defunding of Police where basic policing is needed most, there has been a rise in murders across the nation. Is this just some more of Radical Socialist Democrats acceptible "collateral damage" on the way to their Socialist USA?

(Link) Cuts in Policing Led to 710 Murders

Here is data on many of the law officers murdered in a hysteria fueled by the radical, agenda-driven violence-fomenting of hate organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The Radical Socialist Democrat ideologues are, by their expressed ideology and their calls for violent intimidation, culpable in this murderous societal disintegration. To quote Radical Socialist Democrat leader, Nanci Pelosi, "I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country". Such hints from major Democrat leaders have given a wink-and-nod to monsters in the streets where the "uprisings" now include violent riots featuring a murderous hatred of police and calls for the defunding of police in areas where they are needed most. While there have been riots because of tragic deaths of suspects as they resisted arrest, where are the national protests against heinous murders like that of police woman Natalie Becky Corona who had no violent criminal history? Officer Natalie Corona wasn't just gunned down on the job, she was shot nearly point blank by her murderer who then shot her several more times after she fell to the ground:

(Link) The Heinous Murder of Police Officer Natalie Corona

Natalie Corona's murderer was wearing body armor when responding officers confronted him.[5] That may be a clue to whether the continuous spewing of hatred against cops by hate groups fomented by the Radical Socialist Democrats was a contributing factor to this act of murderous hatred. The Fake News national media is dead silent about cold-blooded murders like that of Natalie Corona because that news does not fit their Radical Socialist Democrat narratives. Including Natalie Corona, here is the growing list that includes innocent police officers murdered, some related to the violent riots that have occurred after the fomenting by the Radical Socialist Democrats and such hate group accomplices as Black Lives Matter and Antifa:


Where are the nationwide protests against those murdered black lives who were first responders? Black Lives Matter is not protesting innocent black lives lost in the ranks of police officers. Inner city blacks do have something to protest about. But policing is a misdirecting target contrived by ideologue fanatics who want to hijack the black predicament for their Socialist agenda-driven "revolution". The legitimate target of black-sympathetic protest should be the several decades of bankrupt welfare policy still-demanded by Radical Socialist Democrats in the largely-Democrat-controlled inner cities. The Radical Socialist Democrat promise of welfare checks to dependants on welfare guarantee's votes for Radical Socialist Democrats--a vicious cycle that grows welfare dependancy, which increases fatherless families, which increases black-on-black crime via gang warfare, which increases Police interaction with black criminals, which increases government bureaucracy, and which increases job opportunities for Radical Socialist Demcrats who need votes from those communities to keep the cycle going. Despite the original intentions of welfare this vicious cycle has decimated the black family unit and increased the murder rates within inner city black communities.

For a raw look at the horrific results of the growing attack on basic policing in the inner cities see Taleeb Starke's "Black Lies Matter". In contrast to the tragic deaths during arrest of a few violent suspects, in case after case you'll see murdered children who the major Fake News media have neglected as not being convenient vehicles for their Socialist agenda-driven narrative. Those children are usually victims of the increased black-on-black crime due to gang-warfare where basic policing is needed most.

Here is a few minutes of Taleeb Starkes debunking Black Lives Matter:


Buy Taleeb Starke's book "Black Lies Matter" here:

(Book) Black Lies Matter by Taleeb Starke

In the wider context of the utter failure that is now evident in the highly-toxic results of those decades of the welfare policy the expansion of which is still demanded by the Radical Socialist Democrats, see Amity Shlaes's "Great Society: A New History". Here's a summary video on her book:


Buy Amity Shlaes's "Great Society: A New History" here:

(Book) Great Society: A New History by Amity Shlaes


Much like the Race scam gives relatively guaranteed votes for the Radical Socialist Democrat march to power, dreamerscam (aka, open borders Illegal Immigration) is mostly about gaining votes for Democrats regardless of the "collateral damage" of rape and human trafficing by Mexican drug cartels:


Here is a short, objective, sharp-focus video on this topic:


From John Zmirak and Al Perrotta's "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration", here are some immigration facts that the Radical Socialist Democrats won't tell you:

  1. Building the Wall would cost less than half of what we spend to educate illegal immigrants every year.
  2. Illegal immigrants costs American taxpayers a net $116 billion a year. The gross cost is $135 billion, but they pay $19 billion in total taxes.
  3. Coming out of the wellfare culture, 62% of naturalized immigrants vote for Democrats who in turn vote welfare for immigrants and for open borders. That's a self-perpetuating circle that helps to secure ever more power for Radical Socialist Democrats.
  4. Competition from immigrants costs American workers $450 billion a year.
  5. Taxpayers spend nearly $30 billion a year on non-emergency medical expenses for illegal immigrants. That's enough to buy health insurance for three million Americans.
  6. States spend $44 billion a year to educate illegal immigrants. That's enough to build 1660 new schools or hire more than 780,000 teachers.
  7. 80% of Central American women and girls who enter the United States illegally are raped along the way. That's a consequence of an unsecured border which lures the helpless and puts them at the mercy of the ruthless.
  8. Non-citizens are only 9% of our population but constitute 27% of federal prisoners. Those prisoners have been arrested an average of 8 times each, and charged with 12 crimes.
  9. 147 million more people from around the world would like to move to the United States. Where do you draw the line? How many of those have a sufficient enough understanding of the basis for the rule of law such that they would swear allegience to our Constitution and assimilate into our way of life? [6]

Much like Sharyl Attkisson (e.g., in "The Smear") dug below the surface to follow the money and uncover the smear machinery operating in the Fake News media, another independent investigative journalist (Michelle Malkin) has followed the money to uncover the machinery behind the huge waves of illegal immigration (and the human trafficing that is operating within it):


Buy Michelle Malkin's "Open Borders Inc." book here:

(Book) Open Borders, Inc. by Michelle Malkin

Where do the Democrat leadership stand on illegal immigration? Watch a minute here:


There's more to the Democrat propaganda concerning the "dreamers" and the border Wall than meets the eye. In that ommission-bias-distorted news area, Human Trafficing is conspicuously absent and is yet the major part of what's so wrong with our open southern border. The Radical Socialist Democrats and their Fake News accomplices are silent about the $4 Billion "industry" caused by illegal immigration across the souther border wherein Mexican drug cartels have been increasingly operating the machinery that floods illegals into our country. In many different ways those cartels exploit innocent people who yearn for a better life in the USA. And the exploitation involves sex trafficing. While the vote-rigging Democrats have been masquerading as caring for "dreamers" and screeming slogans like "Trump=Kids in Cages", the reality of their open-border policies has delivered many thousands of young people into being sold as sex slaves. Trump has been dealing with solving the border issues and that effort has been thoroughly smeared and distorted by the Democrat puppet Fake News media. Trump delegated the domestic human trafficing part of the problem to Ivanka Trump to drive in his administration:

Here's Ivanka Trump on Human Trafficing (watch about 2 minutes):


More statistics on that including policy from Trump himself (watch about 3 minutes):


Here's more raw truth that the Radical Socialist Democrats don't want you to know about the horrendous growth of human trafficing as it relates to our "open" southern border--from an expert who's been fighting in the international trenches of this problem. After clicking the below link you may have to click the video player's little speaker icon to get sound. The whole show is about 50 minutes long and the details on human trafficing in relation to illegal immigration are horrendous. The important part regarding the southern border starts at 32 minutes into the video--just hover your mouse over the progress bar and click at about the 32:00 mark for about 2 minutes of viewing:

(PragerU) Tim Ballard Interviewed by Candace Owens


Climatescam (and its Green New Deal) is all about the Radical Socialist Democrats gaining more power--fascist, if not socialist power--over the energy sector and the major energy consumer industries. This power lust is being aggressively pushed regardless of the net damage it would do to world-wide human flourishing. Here is an overview of the policy ingredient of the toxic package of climatescam:

(PragerU) What's the Deal With the Green New Deal

The USA contribution to global CO2 is about 15%. Here's how the other nations (85%) virtue signal their "commitment" to climatescam in the last Paris Climate Accords:


Since Radical Socialist Democrat policy is what puts the scam in climatescam: here's a very healthy view of CO2, Climate Alarmism, and our world energy situation in the Full Context of human flourishing. Alex Epstein's book "The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels" available here:

(Book) The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein

The power-lusting Democrats are simply not willing to consider the record of damage that Socialism has brought to humanity. When presented with the overwhelming evidence of that damage they reassure us of their good intentions--the same utopian intentions that murdered millions in the past. They assure us that they can safely administer huge new doses of the single most toxic thing that humanity has ever encountered: Socialism. But they have a vested interest in riding the host until their policies kill the host. Have you seen those cowboy western movies where, in a ride of great urgency, the rider whips the horse and drives the poor beast so hard that it dies under him? Welcome to the political wisdom of Radical Socialist Democrat policy making.

Bjorn Lomborg estimated that--given the dual assumption that the alarmist predictions are valid (models have failed by a factor of 3X) and that all nations would faithfully adhere to drastic reductions in CO2 sins of emission--the cost would be about $42 Trillion for each reduction of 1/10 of a degree F in global temperature. For context, the current USA dept is astronomically overextended at about $22 Trillion. Lomberg used the MAGICC simulator running out to 2100. [7]

If there is truly a global warming emergency (forgetting the bogus predicted global cooling emergency circa 1970-75), the dead giveaway that climatescam is indeed a scam is that the principal political schemes for mitigation do not involve a breakneck national effort to pursue, for example, liquid salt Thorium nuclear power. Nuclear power is demonstrably the safest energy source and is almost CO2 emission-free. Thorium nuclear fuel is far more plentiful and safer than the uranium/plutonium bomb material. Why aren't the Alarmists clamoring for a national "we can do it" joining together of common effort for our best shot at scaleable, advanced mitigating technology? We benevolently marshalled our efforts and went to the moon. Where is Rosie the Riviter when we need her? Instead we have grossly repressive policies that give power lusting Democrats yet more occasion to baloon government power while astronomically driving up either taxes or the national debt or both. Climatescam gives powerlusters a pretext to add to their existing Socialist foothold in the healthcare industry a more Socialist control of the energy (and energy-consuming) industries. And, based on the ongoing evidence of their corruption, this doesn't speak to how many Democrats have secret off-shore accounts to hide under-the-table vested interests in government-subsidized "green energy" industries.

Here is David Horowitz's very cogent summary of how toxic the Green New Deal is as the political part of the climatescam package:

"Subsequent to the announcement [of the Green New Deal], [Alexandria Ocasio] Cortez's chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, made a surprisingly unguarded statement to the Washington Post. Chakrabarti explained that the Green New Deal was not actually about climate change, although that was its selling point. Instead, from the beginning the goal of its supporters was to impose socialism on America. 'The interesting thing about the Green New Deal,' he said, 'is it wasn't originally a climate thing at all. Do you guys think of it as a climate thing? Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.'

The Green New Dealers proposed to replace America's free market economy with a centrally planned, top-down economic and social order, in which the federal government would be able to expropriate and direct what Karl Marx called 'the means of production,' and do so by executive diktat. This was the system that had already been tried in such catastrophically failed states as Cuba, Cambodia, North Korea, China, Venezuela, the Soviet Union, and all its satellites in Eastern Europe. Socialism is a system of shared misery based on the fatally flawed notion that an economy can be run by a centrally directed 'plan' imposed on the population, without profit incentives to motivate individual productivity and innovation.

The fact that Socialist command economies invariably fail, causing incalculable human misery, seemed lost on the radical ideologues like Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and the now dominant progressives in the Democratic Party." [8]

Climatescam is a political package bolstered by a bogus science pretext of alarm hanging on the word of a minority-clique of noisy "scientists" with a political (i.e., United Nations/Globalist) axe to grind. Some decades back, similar fame-seekers were predicting a climate apocalypse of global cooling. Cry wolf enough and you have zero credibility with tax payers who are lovers of the human flourishing that is overwhelmingly demonstrated to be enabled by the political liberty of fossil fuel use. Usage that has become far cleaner as technology has progressed.

You owe it to yourself, family, children, and children's children to take a skeptical look at what the Climate Alarmists have in mind for us all politically. It ain't pretty... It's very toxic and those drooling to administer (and profiteer from) it are political agents who have demonstrated gross corruption at the highest levels of government power. For extensive evidence of that history of Radical Socialist Democrat corruption see the Swamp Creatures section above.

The great Trump-triggering of the swamp creatures has exposed how different disciplines have been systemically corrupted by agenda-driven political fanatics. Arguably the most dangerous areas include radically politicized science. A vast and growing literature by reputable scientists is exposing this corruption of science which is now spreading from the social sciences into the "hard" sciences. One major such hard-science discipline is climate science. So let's look more into the "science" basis for climatescam. To bolster their massive distortion-based pumping of alarmist propaganda in the Fake News media, the fanatic power lusters are apparently willing to foster the creating of fake temperature data in support of their false narrative:


Tony's exposure of the 0.985 R-Squared statistical correlation of the adjusted temperature record with the record of increase in global CO2 should be shocking to any scientist of honest integrity. A 0.985 R-Squared correlation is such an extremely high degree of correlation that it is suspect to anyone who has studied statistics applied to random natural processes. In the very opposite of the scientific method, it is a smoking gun of artificial data having been intentionally fabricated to fit the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory:


Such agenda-driven data tampering is very dangerous because public policy is based on this faked data in a context of ignorant, hysterical alarmism. The fake data leads to "findings" included in the Clean Air Act which had an "Endangerment Finding" whereby CO2 was classified as a dangerous pollutant. That designation grants coercive power to the federal government which enables it to apply fascist control over the fossil fuel and major energy consumer industries to--at worst--force industries out of business. Here's what climatescam alarmism means as far as draconian policy:


The U.S. data that Tony uses has been paid for by taxes since the 19th century. The government must make such tax-paid data available to tax payers. As most recently demonstrated by Hillary Clinton's deletion of official State Department emails from her private email server, that's a level of transparency that Radical Socialist Democrats hate. Both the data and Tony's analysis software are provided by him as "open source".

Whether you accept Tony Heller's findings our not, many other scientists have looked at the science (and extensively at the data) of climatescam. Anyone earnestly interested in the "science" justification packaged with the radical toxic policy in climatescam should read Gregory Wrightstone's "Inconvenient Facts". It's the single best book on the relevant climate science. It's aimed at the average non-science person. If you read any single book on the Climate Science that is the pretext for Climate Alarmism this is the one to read. It's inexpensive, stunningly sharp-focused on the topic, and copiously illustrated with understandable graphs. With almost 1000 online Amazon reviews it has a 5-star rating. Here is an early preview video covering the content of Gregory Wrightstone's very informative book "Inconvenient Facts":


Buy Gregory Wrightstone's "Inconvenient Facts" book here:

(Book) Inconvenient Facts by Gregory Wrightstone

One cornerstone of the science pretext of climatescam is the infamous "Hockey Stick" as popularized by the charlatanism in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". In a thorough debunk of the bogus science in climatescam, Mark Steyn edited the following book: "A Disgrace to the Profession". In it over 100 of the world's scientists speak out on Michael E. Mann, the bogus science in his Hockey Stick, and the resulting damage to science in general. Buy the book here:

(Book) A Disgrace to the Profession by Mark Steyn

Evidence from scientist A.W. Montford who did an in-depth analysis of the hockey stick "science" pretext for climatescam in his "The Hockey Stick Illusion". Buy the book here:

(Book) The Hockey Stick Illusion by A. W. Montford

Evidence in another good video debunking the Hocky Stick's "science" and its intentional concealment of relevant data:


Evidence from climate scientist Steven F. Hayward of Pepperdine University exposing the bogus science on the science side of climatescam:


Evidence from scientist Dr. Tim Ball in his Preface to his excellent book, "The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science", which exposes the corrupted science that has been pumped by Radical Socialist Democrats to justify the Socialist power grab packaged within climatescam:

"I watched my chosen discipline--climatology--get hijacked and exploited in service of a political agenda, watched people who knew little or nothing enter the fray and watched scientists become involved for political or funding reasons--willing to corrupt the science, or, at least, ignore what was really going on. The tale is more than a sad story because it set climatology back thirty years and damaged the credibility of science in general.

..It is the greatest deception in history and the extent of the damage has yet to be exposed and measured...

This book shows how the deception was designed to be global by involving every nation through the agencies of the United Nations. Historians with the benefit of 20:20 hindsight will wonder how such a small group was able to achieve such a massive deception. There are several reasons why the public was deceived:
  1. The objective and therefore the science were premeditated.
  2. The scientific focus was deliberately narrowed to CO2.
  3. From the start, unaccountable government agencies were involved and in control.
  4. Science and political structures and procedures were put in place to enhance the deception.
  5. Actions were taken to block or divert challenges.
  6. The people's natural fears about change and catastrophe were exploited.
  7. The public's lack of scientific understanding, especially with regard to climate science, was exploited.
  8. People find it hard to believe a deception on such a grand scale could occur.
  9. Opponents were ruthlessly attacked, causing others to remain silent." [9]

Buy Dr. Tim Ball's "The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science" here:

(Book) The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science by Dr. Tim Ball

The fact that the climatescam thugs want to suppress and "ruthlessly attack" any disagreement--to the point of 7 bullet holes (some in the windows) of one skeptical scientist's office building during an "Earth Day" event--is a dead giveaway of power-grabbing thugs rather than benevolent seekers of scientific truth and dialog. Here are details on the death-threat to noted climate scientist Dr. John Christy:

(NewsLink) Shots Fired at Climate Alarmism Skeptics

Evidence in another good general summary of the whole scam by a real scientist of the field, Dr. Patrick Michaels (PhD in Ecological Climatology, Univ of Chicago), in which he provides insight into the debate over global warming alarmism and the political games played by the Radical Socialist Democrats who are foisting radical Socialist policy within the climatescam package.


Evidence that some environmentalists are, as honest scientists with some lingering integrity, revising their thinking as awareness is growing of the climatescam's agenda warping of science. Good for them:

(PragerU) Do We Have to Destroy the Earth to Save It?

Continuing on the theme of the agenda-driven corruption of science as pushed by the Radical Socialist Democrats here is how they corrupted the sociology and science of Population in the bogus pretext of climatescam:



Beneath all the scams is a corruption of what used to be the noble disciplines of Philosophy and Social Science. You may think of Philosophy as the lofty realm of ineffectual professors slinging word salads covered with dressings of gooey verbiage. But highly toxic Philosophical shit is hitting the cultural fan right now and, unless its political foot soldiers are checked, it will bring tyranny to your door. Bad ideology has downstream consequences whether you can see the toxic waste in the head waters or not. Right now the Radical Socialist Democrats and their Dupes are at the noisy forefront of those foot soldiers.

We'll now look at the Postmodernist "Social Justice" scam which cascades downward into the culture with the principal symptom of forcing "political correctness" (or "Cultural Marxism") upon us all. We'll look at how it has poisoned our culture and education systems. First higher education. Here is University professor Dr. Brett Weinstein's congressional testimony. Unbeknownst to most adults who long ago departed higher education (or didn't attend) the kind of toxic travesty that Weinstein experienced has been happening (often with actual violence) in academia across the western world. Now oozing out into the culture at large, it is vicious, often violent, and fully consistent with the Postmodernist philosophy that is causally generating it. However much they'll hide it in the 2020 elections, this toxin has become the dominant, underlying philosophy driving the Radical Socialist Democrat agenda. About 15 minutes here:


Weinstein experienced the level our culture has sunk to under the Postmodernist/Marxist ideology of the Radical Socialist Democrats and their accomplices. So where did the new brand of social justice radical come from? What on earth could create such creatures? It starts with the Postmodernist corruption of K-12 education. For example, distortion of history in textbooks with Postmodernist false narratives. For a complete expose-and-oppose of that mind-molding garbage in K-12 education--recommended especially if you have children in K-12 schools--see Mary Grabar's "Debunking Howard Zinn". Buy here:

(Book) Debunking Howard Zinn by Mary Grabar

Here is the bone-headed level of understanding of Socialism in the leadership of the Radical Socialist Democrats:


The totally misguided "social justice warriors" were once children that were indoctrinated with Postmodernism/Socialism. While they have been indoctrinated with such false narratives as CO2 green plant food is now alarmingly toxic to humanity, such misguided fanatics were very likely intentionally never taught the fact that:

Socialism is the single most toxic thing
that the human race has ever encountered

The body of evidence for that toxicity IS bodies: 100+ million dead in the last 100 years. For details of the research that revealed that extreme level of toxicity, see two independent works:

(Book) Death By Government by R. J. Rummel

The massive death counts are largely corroborated by independent research here:

(Book) The Black Book of Communism by Stephane Courtois, et al

For an examination of one such major episode of Socialism's extreme level of toxicity (yielding over 30 million gruesome deaths in China) see Jasper Becker's "Hungry Ghosts". Buy here:

(Book) Hungry Ghosts by Jasper Becker

The definitive research work on the Mega-murders under Russian Socialism is Anne Applebaum's "Red Famine". Buy here:

(Book) Red Famine by Anne Applebaum

For the classic account of the living-hell-on-earth in Russian Socialist gulags see Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "The Gulag Archipelago". Buy here:

The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

For a dramatic appreciation of the many millions of gruesome deaths at the hands of Russian Socialists, the following movie, "Mr Jones", has already been mentioned. Buy it here:

(Movie/DVD) Mr. Jones

For another graphic example of Socialist paradise on earth (in this case millions murdered under Pol Pot in 1970's Cambodia), see the gut-wrenching dramatic movie, "The Killing Fields". Buy the DVD here:

(Movie/DVD) The Killing Fields

For the best recent systematic analysis and rejection of the murderous, rotten core of Socialism see Republican Senator Rand Paul's "The Case Against Socialism". [10] Buy it here:

(Book) The Case Against Socialism by Rand Paul

For a grounding in the history which gave rise to the new Radical Socialist Democrats and that traces how the roots of both Fascism and Nazism are in Socialism, buy Dinesh D'Souza's "The Big Lie -- Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left" [11] here:

The Big Lie by Dinesh D'Souza

In the wider Marxist/Postmodernist program, Socialism is the intermediate stage that delivers the world to the ultimate of Socialist utopia: Communism--demonstrably the most lethal system of government ever devised. To quote Vladimir Lenin, "The goal of Socialism is Communism". Many of the Radical Socialist Democrats have a documented explicit allegience to Communism in their history (e.g., Bernie Sanders). That is also the case with both Black Lives Matter and Antifa, groups that are explicit in their advocacy of violent revolution to achieve a Communist/Socialist overthrow of the U.S. Government.[12] These groups have sometimes featured rioting under Hammer and Sickle flags. Tweak a few things in Socialism and you get the Fascist variant of Socialism. To Fascism add racist nationalism and you get the Nazi variant of Socialism. From an Internet review of economist George Reisman's "Why Nazism Was Socialism and Socialism is Totalitarian":

"Adopted from a talk at the Mises Institute, he clearly points out that the difference between traditional Socialism and fascism is that, while the means of production under fascism are still in private hands, those hands are so thoroughly regulated by the state that the private entity becomes merely a stand-in for state action. This gives Socialists the best of both worlds: It allows them to advance a Socialist agenda through regulation of private industry, while washing their hands of the consequences by pointing the finger at evil corporations instead.

Reisman then explains, step by incremental step, why Socialism requires totalitarianism. In this, we see echoes of Friedrich Hayek, who explained why, under Socialism, the worst always get on top. It is not mere hapstance, but a logical and necessary result of implementing Socialist economics." [13]

Buy this short, very incisive, and inexpensive ($1) Kindle book here:

(EBook) Why Nazism Was Socialism by George Reisman

In his "The Threat To The Greatest Discovery Mankind Ever Made", Hunter Hastings summed up the stark nature of the notion of "social justice" in the context of the threat that Socialism poses:

"That people can live together in peace and to their mutual advantage without having to agree on common goals (in fact, because they do not share common goals and therefore pursue their own interests through trial and error), was the greatest discovery mankind ever made. Capitalism is its economic expression.

But the attempt to secure for each person what he or she is thought to "deserve" (i.e. social justice) by imposing upon all a system of common ends towards which their efforts are directed by authority deprives us of the utilization of individual knowledge, and thereby of the advantages of a free civilization. Socialism is based on an intellectual error, with crushing consequences.

To preserve our civilization, it is impossible to enforce the rules of social justice. No particular groups who hold their own common views about what they are entitled to should be allowed to enforce those views on other groups, and prevent those others from operating in a free and open market. This is simply a struggle for power between organized interests in which arguments of justice serve merely as pretexts. Attempts to "correct" the results of the market in the direction of "social justice" produce more injustice in the form of new privileges, new obstacles to mobility and new barriers to the alleviation of poverty."

In their quest to "fundamentally transform" our American system, the Radical Socialist Democrats do not want you to recall--and especially your children to learn--Civics 101: a clear understanding of the foundations of our precious system of governance wherein a nation of citizens governs itself in a representative system of highly constrained majority rule. One recent work, Dinesh D'Souza's "United States of Socialism", captures that civics lesson with astonishing clarity in the following outline of quotes with some interpretive comments added by the author of this web page {in braces}:

"The American founders held that unrestricted majority rule is the principle of modern tyranny, just as unrestricted one-man rule is the principle of ancient tyranny." [...] "The American founders, by contrast, sought to avoid dual forms of tyranny: tyranny of the monarch, and tyranny of the people as expressed through majority faction." [...] "But how to prevent majority rule from being unjust? This was the fundamental problem that the founders, through the constitutional structure, sought to solve. The founders did so through several block-and-tackle measures designed to limit, frustrate and in some cases thwart majority rule. I count as least eight."
  1. Written Constitution. "The Constitution creates a framework for limited government--which is to say, the authority of the federal government covers enumerated areas but no others. Outside that purview, the government has no authority." {Through this check mechanism, the government is explicitly and formally limited to rule by law rather than arbitrary rule by persons.}
  2. Bill of Rights. "Congress shall make no law restricting speech, or the press, or the free exercise of religion. Citizens have the right to assemble, and to own firearms, and to enjoy due process of law, and to be protected against unreasonable search and seizure. In his famous commentary on the Constitution, Justice Joseph Story noted how a bill of rights places strict limits on majority rule. 'A bill of rights is an important protection against unjust and oppressive conduct on the part of the people themselves.'" {The most important Amendment in the Bill of Rights is the Ninth which explicitly states that the Constitution is not meant to enumerate a definition of all the rights of the people and that, instead, such rights are ultimately retained by individual citizens. In other words, the Ninth Amendment affirms, against violation by the government itself, the ultimate political sovereignty of the individual where all rights reside.}
  3. Judicial Review. "The Supreme Court has the independent authority to enforce the Constitution and protect the rights of citizens against the will of the majority".
  4. Representative Government. "What this means is that the people do not rule directly; they rule by electing representatives who govern in their stead. Madison counted this practice--a radical departure from the direct democracy of the ancient Athenians--as the distinguishing mark between a 'democracy' and a 'republic.' A large and extended society in Madison's words, can function effectively only as a republic." {Through this check mechanism, in an astonishing feat of innovation the founders engineered an effective way, through division of labor, to scale up democracy to a form that is called a republic.}
  5. Separation of Powers. "Here power is divided between an elected legislature charged with making laws, an elected executive charged with enforcing them and an appointed judiciary empowered with arbitrating and resolving legal disputes." {The three separate branches that coordinate by an explicit mechanism of governance: Legislative, Executive, Judicial.}
  6. Federalism. "which divides power between the national government and the states, so that some powers are exercised at the national level, others at the state and local level." {Through this check mechanism, a stratified division of power is instituted to thwart any transition to a monolithic state in which power is solely in the hands of the federal government.}
  7. Checks and Balances. "This means that in addition to dividing power, there is mutual oversight. Congress has the power to make laws, but the president has the power to veto them, and vetoes can be overridden only by congressional supermajorities. The president and his executive branch enforce the laws, but there is congressional and judicial oversight. The judiciary intreprets the Constitution and the laws, but judges are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate." {Through this check mechanism, the branches of the governemt are watching each other to keep each other honest and to thwart violation of the Constitution.}
  8. Electoral College. "and the two branches of the legislature, the House and the Senate. While the president, members of Congress and senators are all elected by the people, the distribution of power is weighted to give representation to small and large states. The Electoral College ensures that a few large states cannot by themselves decide the presidency." {Through this check mechanism, the power of the presidency is less likely to fall into the hands of powerful elites that might dominate in the more populated states. In conformity with Federalism, it spreads the selection of presidential (i.e., Executive Branch) power more evenly across the states that comprise the nation.}
"What does this all mean? It means that America was designed to foster a spirit of freedom and enterprise among its people, and to thwart majority rule from tyrannizing over that spirit. In sum, America is a free market society whose founding principles, as long as they remain intact, provide a powerful bulwark against Socialism of every stripe, including democratic Socialism." [14]

Buy Dinesh D'Souza's "United States of Socialism" here:

(Book) United States of Socialism by Dinesh D'Souza

Here is how the Social Justice scam has now infected the hard sciences of Biology and Psychology. As Peterson points out, the end game is to make people malliable so that they will submit to being crammed into the political machinery of Socialist utopian ideologues. Watch about 5 minutes here:


Here's the amazingly articulate Jordan Peterson again in his devastating analysis of Postmodernism's stealthy repackaging of Marxist/Socialism:


Here is a short video debunking the identity politics of "diversity, inclusion, and equity" under Postmodernist "Critical Theory":


For a secret project that infiltrated and exposed Postmodernist "Grievance Studies" which, in the service of a political agenda, has bullied its way into a massive corruption of academia with "social snake oil" see here:


In an interview that covers the major false narratives in the gender dimension of the social justice scam here is an interview that became a viral classic online. Against the smear war that had been raging against Jordan Peterson he calmly debunks the false narratives with scientific fact. He exhibits a firm stance in full command of the relevant science that dumbfounds the interviewer:


With a J.D. from Stanford, Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Heather MacDonald has written two excellent works that analyse, expose, and oppose Postmodernism in its various so-called "social justice" dimensions of what she terms "the diversity cult": "The Burden of Bad Ideas" and "The Diversity Delusion". Here is a video introduction to "The Diversity Delusion":


Buy Heather Mac Donald's "The Diversity Delusion" book here:

(Book) The Diversity Delusion by Heather Mac Donald

Buy Heather Mac Donald's "The Burden of Bad Ideas" book here:

(Book) The Burden of Bad Ideas by Heather Mac Donald

The following video goes deeper than you may likely want to go unless you are in Academia. Heather and Jordan delve into how Postmodernism has so thoroughly corrupted Academia over the last several decades. The video is almost two hours long but it's a great exhibition of refreshing and accurate articulation by two intellectuals at peak performance. This is the caliber of dialog that we should be expecting as commonplace among academics rather than the embarrassing spectacle of retrograde ideologues spitting hatred and using violence to suppress free speech.


An increasing number of academics are courageously standing up to the violent free-speech suppression of the Social Justice scam by exposing and opposing the toxic essence of it. See Thomas Sowel's "The Quest for Cosmic Justice". Buy it here:

(Book) The Quest for Cosmic Justice by Thomas Sowell

Dispelling socialscam distortions of human diversity with scientific fact is Charles Murray's "Human Diversity". Buy it here:

(Book) Human Diversity by Charles Murray

A fair amount on this topic is included here because it is so foundationally important to expose how deeply Postmodernism--with its stealth repackaging of Marxism/Socialism--has seeped into all aspects of our culture despite having been thoroughly discredited in both theory and practice. In book form aimed at both the intelligent lay reader and the academic, here is a masterpiece of modern philosophy that does the kill shot: Stephen Hick's "Explaining Postmodernism". This work is highly recommended if you want to understand Postmodernism to its most toxic depth. Buy the book here:

(Book) Explaining Postmodernism by Stephen Hicks

If you are anticipating going to college, you may still have a better experience if you are lucky enough to pursue a STEM field (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) or biology/medicine. But if your interest is in the humanities, social sciences, or economics and you value the integrity of your science-oriented mind you might want to carefully evaluate your options:

(PragerU) Does College Equal Success?

Federal funds (our tax dollars) should be pulled from institutions of higher learning that suppress free speech using any form of the violent intimidation that Postmodernism calls for. Period. Postmodernist indoctrination is mind poison. Pro-liberty parents of teens anticipating college are steering their teens from schools infected with the poison of Postmodernism. If they have a child in public school grades K-12 they should look into the school text books and/or demand to have a random selection of classes video captured for parent review. If the poison of Postmodernism (e.g., Howard Zinn) is detected in the curriculum they should be aware that their young children's minds are being polluted with the ideological garbage of the socialscam. They should seek to form a parents organization to review and take action against this poison. Pro-liberty parents who can afford to do so are removing their children from public schools and doing home schooling. In any case, they are supporting school choice.


Throughout this tour you've seen an expose-and-oppose of the major scams being perpetrated by the Radical Socialist Democrats and their accomplices. This collection delves into only the major scams. But it should be more than enough to convince reasonable folks to join the Trump Republican Revolution AGAINST the Radical Socialist Democrats--or at least to start demanding answers from those hateful zeolots concerning the massive corruption they perpetrated in the highest levels of our federal government.

To Democrats

In light of the scams exposed above that are being perpetrated by the Radical Socialist Democrats, if you are not in the Democrat upper echelon and yet self identify as a Democrat then you should do some soul searching and take a closer look at who & what has hijacked your political party. That previous party participated peacefully in the constitutional refinement of our representative government. That party had statesman instead of the embarrassing schlock of hate mongers and fomenters of riots and societal disintegration. That party shared with other political parties an allegience to both the constitutional operation of our government and to a foundational principle: when voted out of office you held firm to a principled stance of "loyal opposition" and made your well-reasoned case to the citizens for your future election. In the last century, a world-famous British statesman understood the meaning of that allegience of "loyal opposition" in a representative democracy. Here is John Strachey, former British Secretary of State, expressing this principled allegience:

"What all of us in the labour party are loyal to are not the policies of the Conservatives: on the contrary, we shall reverse most of them as soon as we get the chance: what we are loyal to, and shall protect and preserve, is the system of British democracy." [15]

By their own pronouncements and behavior, the new Radical Socialist Democrats, do not want to "protect and preserve" the American system of representative democracy. With the fomenting of violence in the streets they loudly demand to "fundamentally transform" it with a forcefully imposed highly toxic restructuring away from representative democracy toward the tyranny of Radical Socialism thereby renewing their previous corruption at the highest levels of governemt.

Many Democrats are waking up to the toxicity that has hijacked their political party. They are walking away from the Democrat Party. This is the real Pro-Liberty "Woke". Here is a very good example of a very earnest self-examination that led to a "red-pilled" #Walkaway from the Radical Socialist Democrat mob. If you self-identify as Democrat, just try this outstanding video; it's an amazing story of liberation and awakening. It is 47 minutes long but very telling and stunningly honest:


To Libertarians

If you see yourself as a firmly Pro-Liberty[2] Independent thinker and voter, then that most certainly does not mean that you would necessarily vote Libertarian. Given the feeble level of philosophical consistency in the Libertarian movement, descretion is required. Libertarians support libertarian think tanks (e.g., Cato) and venues like Reason magazine and Reason TV as doing laudible work for the most part. Those venues are very valuable and help shape the national conversation in a pro-liberty direction.

Unfortunately, the system has proven to be essentially rigged at the national level against such third parties as the Libertarian Party. That's a sad and hard fact. Over the last almost 50 years Libertarians have gained next to zero traction in office at the national level with next to zero prospects now. Of registered voters in the nation Libertarians tally at less than 1% compared to roughly 42% Democrats, 30% Republicans, and 25% Independents.

Libertarian Party fans have argued that, despite the zero prospects of winning, Libertarian Party votes "send a message" that in turn helps shape the national conversation. Under normal conditions this is a somewhat reasonable argument when the two dominant parties offer tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum of virtually the same level of policy vector--that is, with neither party offering a significantly strong difference over the other judged by the criteria of a net pro-liberty policy direction. But with a Tea-party contingent that got a foothold in the Republican Party, the appearance of such first-rate, pro-liberty statesmen as Republican Senator Rand Paul, the advent of the new Trump pro-liberty energy in the Republican party, and the resulting pro-liberty policy under Trump, the comparison to what you've seen above in the transformation of the Democrat party toward extreme Socialism has brought us to a radically different juncture. Are Trump and Republicans the epitome of Libertarianism? Of course not. Are they the best choice under the circumstances? This entire document makes the case that they are--by far.

The new brand of Radical Socialist Democrats are so egregiously worse than the Republicans that the choice for reasonable pro-liberty folks is made for them. By all the avaiable evidence, a Libertarian presidential candidate is guaranteed to lose. This means that among folks that hold pro-liberty principles above party-allegience, defeating the worst of the two remaining options becomes the ethically compelling course. For some, the strength of their party allegience makes it hard to see the logic where by voting their party allegience they are effectively voting for the worst of the remaining two dominant choices. By voting as spoilers, their vote is a de facto vote for the worst of the other two choices. Sorry if this logic seems harsh. But by being pig-headed and doggedly voting party allegience--when that candidate cannot win--you inherently vote to hand actual policy power to the worst of your opposition. The lack of your pro-liberty vote for the next-best pro-liberty choice contributes to the worst choice. So, by your own principled standard, throw your support to the best of the other choices. Defeating the agenda of the Radical Socialist Democrats is so important in this election that this is the compelling ethical approach to take. A rubber-stamp Libertarian vote may feel good and seem to be "voting your principles" but doing so ends up virtual voting for your worst opposition. While you vote for your dream of a Libertarian future you actually vote for policy that works more against it than for it. Here's a video of how spoiler voting plays out in actual practice--especially in a national election where the candidate that you waste your pro-liberty vote on is guaranteed to lose:

(Link) Spoiler Voting

Except in very select local elections, Libertarian candidates at the national level are a sink of wasted pro-liberty votes.[16] So Libertarians are also faced in this election with the Trump Test. Will Libertarians place pro-liberty principles over party allegience? To the extent that Libertarians actually do hold Pro-Liberty[2] principles will Libertarians support the better chance for the growth of those principles where such principles can direct national policy? Or will they sacrifice such a major opportunity under a hopeless fixation that only their tribe should be the ones to advance pro-liberty policy in office? With corrupt Democrat voter fraud looming in this very important election, every vote against the Radical Socialist Democrats counts. For pro-liberty folks, the imperative vote to make in this election is a Republican vote. Please don't virtual vote for Radical Socialist Democrats. The new radical Democrat agenda is much farther from your cherished pro-liberty direction than the demonstrated trajectory and record of the Trump Republican team. See below for a summary of that pro-liberty record.

To Independents

As opposed to the venum-spitting Fake-Woke of the toxic Democrats, join the upswelling of positive Pro-Liberty spirit in the of the Trump Revolution. Rather than oppressive radical Socialism catch the uplift that only liberty can bring.

You have seen the evidence presented above exposing the toxicity of the Radical Socialist Democrat agenda. Up through 2019, here are highlights of the Trump team's policy accomplishments:

In addition, Trump is forthright in his advocacy--backed by action--of:

In the context of world liberty and international relations, here is Trump at his forthright best facing the corrupt United Nations. Unlike the extreme embarrassment of Obama, this is the kind of leader we need on the world stage going forward as we contend with a world still plagued with rogue Socialist (and rabidly Theocratic) nations:


Here is how much of a puppet Biden is of the Radical Socialist Democrat agenda and what a Biden presidency would bring:


With a political history that competes for level of corruption with the other major Democrats, Biden will comply with the Radical Socialist Democrat agenda as a party-line Democrat. Biden may be instructed to slightly back peddle on some of the most egregious Socialist proposals--a gesture that would be promptly forgotten if elected. The Democrat Party will try to paint Biden's image with a mild, safer facade and he will be paraded in whatever concealing guise he is required to adopt. Don't be fooled. For details on the politically corrupt histories of both Biden and Kamala Harris see their own dedicated chapters in Peter Schweizer's "Profiles in Corruption". Buy here:

(Book) Profiles in Corruption by Peter Schweizer

And finally, with the world watching, here is a high-level look at the basic choice of political direction that The Trump Test and the U.S. 2020 National elections present:



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