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New Individualist Manifesto

A new Individualist awareness is arising among the civilizations of earth. As this new enlightenment gradually consigns the spectre of oppressive strains of Marxism to the trash heap of history, undeniable, systemic benefits to human flourishing are increasingly evident. But a complete victory is still to be won against the entrenched forces of political oppression. Ideological battles are now being fought as various beachheads of this political enlightenment are gaining momentum in societies world wide. This Manifesto founds a New Individualist Front on the following principled definition of Liberty as derived within a summary philosophical basis for Individualism.


(1) Reality is all that exists. An entity is an individual part of reality. Identity is the manifest reality of an entity. Action is the identity of a single entity or of an aggregate of entities as persisting through time. Causality is identity as determining action or potential action. Life is a causal process of self-generated and self-sustaining action of self-replicating entities. Life on earth has undergone an evolution of hierarchical ascent yielding conscious entities. At its foundation, consciousness represents reality through sensations wherein the representation is only present in the causal duration of the sensations. A perception is a pattern of sensations persisting in consciousness beyond the causal duration of the constituent sensations. Cognition is perception-based animal consciousness. Truth is the recognition of reality. Observation is selective cognition in the human animal. The mind is the agency of observation in humans. Reality exists independently of the mind's observation of reality or of itself. Objectivity is the mind's adherence to that relation between the mind and reality which enables multiple minds to each independently observe the same truth. A quality is a part of an identity that is observed to be commonly similar in some entities. The concept is the mind's principal unit of cognition. An essence is that quality, selected in the formation of a concept, which is observed to cause the largest domain of other qualities in one or more instances of the concept. A concept is thus a mental integration representing all instances that potentially or actually manifest an essence wherein the integration inclusively subsumes all other qualities of the instances. Volition is the self-initating and subsequent directing of the mind's conceptual faculty. A quantity is a conceptualized set of entities observed to evidence an identical quality specified as a standard unit. Knowledge is truth as preserved in perceptually codifed concepts. Language is that codifying technology. Reason is the volitional faculty of the individual mind which applies observation to objectively conceptualize the truth in new or existing knowledge. Reason is the defining essence of the human animal. Validity is the essence of a knowledge system wherein truth is invariantly preserved using reason. Logic is that explicit methodology for validly preserving and/or extending knowledge. Science is the qualitative and/or quantitative method of applying logic to observed evidence and/or existing knowledge to derive and grow valid knowledge as linguistically shared among humans.


(2) Values are what individual living entities act to gain and/or keep in the service of their life. As derived above, individual humans have a scientifically verifiable identity evidencing an essence which is volitional reason. Virtues are volitional human actions that use valid reasoning to gain and/or keep values proper to individual human life. The science of Ethics derives from that human essence the most fundamental virtue which is universal across all humans: volitionally driving objective reason and productive effort to gain the values required by, and thus proper to, individual human life. From that principal virtue the science of Ethics derives a valid set of additional individual virtues which thereby projects and enables human flourishing. The most important of those derived virtues are: independence, integrity, honesty, justice, productiveness, and pride.

(3) A society is a group of interacting humans wherein the interactions are influenced by the dominant philosophy that either explicitly or implicitly characterizes its culture. In society, the individual human is the ultimate, indivisible social unit and the science of Ethics identifies rights as conditions of existence required for the proper survival of the independently virtuous, adult individual. Rights define and sanction an individual's freedom of action in society and thereby enable a flourishing society. The most fundamental such right is the freedom of the individual to virtuously use productive reason to identify, create, gain, or keep values.


(4) In accordance with valid Ethics and the rights of the sovereign individual, the science of Politics derives a valid system of codified law that is established in the society to define rules of conduct and boundaries for virtuous human social interaction.

(5) An enforcement of that valid political system of codified law is called the "rule by objective law" and is administered solely to secure individual rights against initiated violations originating internal or external to the society. A society is defined by its system of rule by law. Liberty is the encompassing fundamental freedom of the individual to conduct virtuous living in the society in accordance with, and as protected under, the rule by law.

(6) As best defined by, but nonetheless independently of, the dominant philosophy that typically characterizes the culture of a society, under the rule by law as delimited in this Manifesto, the right to property is inviolate and includes the individual's ownership of life, liberty, body, and the products of the individual's virtuous labor. Thus, under the rule by law, the individual ultimately retains the right to the self protection of personal rights, especially if the administration of the rule by law fails at that protection. Individualism is the political ideology which delimits the administration of a society's specific rule by law to the preservation and protection of individual liberty.

(7) Proper nations are established to preserve and protect the society they each separately encapsulate in accordance with that society's rule by law as administered within geographic borders by a regime. The regime of a proper nation must itself comply with the rule by law while enforcing it within its society. The individual's legal conduct of life within a proper nation requires (a) Acceptance and compliance with the enforced rule by law as delimited in this Manifesto and (b) Compliance with The Principal Law--called the Non-Aggression Principal--which prohibits the initiation of force against others in violation of their rights. By mere presence within the proper nation, individuals delegate to it the right to enforce its rule by law over them, to establish requirements for legal entry, and to properly enforce its borders against illegal entry. Adult individuals--of legal age--can establish citizenship and legal residence within the nation by complying with requirements (a) and (b) and additionally pledging by explicit contract a demonstrated knowledgeable acceptance of the U.S. Constitution along with this Manifesto and a demonstrated plausible potential to contribute to the well being of the nation's society. Only citizens have the right to vote and participate in the nation's political process. The regime of a nation is not the same as the society within and exists solely by the consent of the citizens in the society. The citizens comprising a nation's society have the right to cast off a regime that predominantly fails at administering and enforcing the rule by law. A rogue nation is dominated by a regime that initiates force to systematically violate the rule by law that is delimited in this Manifesto.

(8) Nations maintain full political sovereignty in the realm of other nations. At this point in human history, there is inadequate understanding and practice of the principles in this Manifesto to support an "open borders" coalescense of all societies into a one-world nation. The "invisible hand" of economic free trade is inadequate by itself to guarantee virtuous human flourishing. Economic free trade is a tool that is only as good as the Ethical philosophy that predominates in the minds of the people using the tool. The earth continues to be plagued by strains of extremely toxic philosophy yielding regimes in rogue nations which violate most of the principles in this Manifesto. Thus, rogue nations invariably aggress against their own citizens and outside their borders directly, or by proxy, against other nations. Proper nations have the right to protect their societies from any aggression by rogue nations. If wealthy and powerful enough, a proper nation has the right, but not the duty, to intervene on behalf of individual rights within a democidal rogue nation especially if citizens of the proper nation are under threat from, or while present within, the rogue nation.

(9) The interaction among virtuous, creative, and productive humans is not a zero-sum lose-win Hobbesian conflict. Mutually beneficial win-win trade in the free market of Capitalism is the now amply demonstrated engine of human flourishing in the society where it, along with the sanctity of property ownership, is guaranteed under the rule by law. The proper nation protects and encourages free trade of goods and services within its society as well as across national borders. But the proper nation has the right to enforce reciprocal tariffs against a policy of tariffs imposed by other nations.

(10) The codified foundation for the rule by law as defined in this Manifesto includes the principles enumerated here and in the United States Constitution with special focus on the Ninth Amendment. Republicanism is the political system that implements Individualism under regimes of constitutionally-limited government in representationally-stratified republic democracies. As world history has amply demonstrated over the last 100 years, the liberation of the human potential under even crippled Republican systems has enabled an astonishing breadth and depth of healthy human flourishing. But that societal health is now suffering a powerful undertow of retro-human attack from a spectrum of charlatan ideologues and corrupt politicians. Socialism is the political system that rejects Individualism and thereby subjects individuals to a systematic violation of their rights by subordinating those rights to a social collective as defined, administered, and enforced by a rogue regime within a rogue nation. Socialist regimes seize control and/or ownership of a society's means of production wherein the prolonged process of seizure inherently involves a massive flow of forced wealth redistribution that is increasingly skimmed by regime bureaucrats. The overwhelming historical evidence shows that the unchecked trajectory of such rogue regimes is to initially masquerade as "democratic" rule by law "serving the collective good" while yet "fundamentally transforming" governance into the pathology of rule by an elite cabal of sociopaths commanding a bureaucracy of self-serving grifters in collusion with crony tycoon accomplices. The malignant growth of rogue regimes is the cumulative effect of such toxic miscreants who are filtered upward in the reigning power structure by their ruthless campaigns to ratchet their personal position of power. They thereby climb the ranks of a ruling elite who collude in ratcheting the abuse of coercive government power to extract personal grift, suppress political opposition, suppress free speech, and deploy deceptive propaganda to cloak their perfidy while prolonging the span of their scam until the collapse of the society which they have so toxically subordinated.


From tribal thugs, despotic empires, feudal monarchies, and tyrant dictators, human history is a bloody record of oppression of individual rights by rogue regimes. Marxist-derived Socialism, the most lethal of such systems, is anti-human in theory and in the actual practice of its many toxic variants, all of which have yielded immeasurable human suffering. Yielding gruesome deaths numbering over 100 million, Socialism has demonstrated its horrendous evil in the hands of fanatic and corrupt politicians to be the single most toxic thing that the human race has ever encountered. Over a century of scientific evidence overwhelmingly shows Socialism's inherently toxic progression of ever more sociopathic power lust for the growth and elite control of a totalitarian regime. The American system was born in Individualism and was carefully designed to thwart such corruption. The war to purge Socialism from the earth is still waging on both ideological and political fronts. This Manifesto calls for renovation of governance in the nations of earth, especially in the United States of America, a faltering but still premier beachhead of the Liberty that Individualism fosters.

New Individualists of the world unite! Become a LibWarrior to help advance a philosophical and political front against all forms of Socialism. However modest your contribution, join the united front of this rejuvenated Pro-Liberty movement. Join in the rejection of Postmodernist and "Critical Theory" philosophy with its stealth re-packaging of totalitarian-vectored Marxism which replaces economic class conflict with identity-group conflict. Join in exposing and opposing the political evil of Socialism including all of its derivatives such as "Great Reset" Global Socialism, "Democratic Socialism", Communism, Identitarian ("Critical Theory") Socialism, Racist Fascism, Tycoon Crony Fascism, Nationalist Fascism, and Theocratic Fascism. Join in promoting the universal adoption of this Manifesto as a principled basis for advancing Individualist-based Liberty across all of humanity. With your help the benefits of Liberty will continue to accrue for you and humanity.